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5 Reasons Why Reputation Management for Asphalt Paving Companies is Essential

Reputation matters for every business, and it’s no different for asphalt paving companies. In fact, there are some unique reputation and marketing issues that paving companies need to deal with that many other companies don’t. While some paving companies stick with the residential market, others service entire towns and large businesses. The stakes are extremely high, one way or the other, and maintaining a good reputation is critical to staying in business. Aside from doing a high-quality job on every contract and keeping up with good customer service, there are also online trolls and unavoidable problems and misunderstandings that can leave your business reeling. That’s why reputation management for asphalt paving companies isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. Online Reviews Have Big Influence with Potential Clients

Whether your asphalt paving company serves the residential or commercial markets, at least half, if not more, of your potential customers are searching for online reviews about you and your competitors. It’s an extremely competitive business and not everyone in the game is playing by the rules. How confident are you that the online reviews your customers are leaving about you are accurate? How can you be sure that you’ve even seen all of those online reviews? How can you report trolls who are just out there to stir up trouble? And how can you resolve client issues personally, in a positive way, so that the positive reviews outweigh the bad? Reputation defender services for asphalt paving businesses are essential to getting ahead of these problems.

Statistics show that just one poor online review can cost an asphalt paving company up to 30 potential customers. And it’s the unfortunate truth that unhappy customers tend to post more negative reviews than happy customers are to post positive reviews. You may have 10 absolutely satisfied customers who remain silent while one cranky person posts a nastygram. It’s not fair, but it’s very common. How much could just one bad review cost your paving company?

2. Reputation Repair for Paving Companies: The 12 to 1 Ratio

Before you despair about the potential cost of that one bad review, let’s look at the solution. First of all, research indicates that it takes about 12 positive reviews to cancel out the negative impacts of one nasty review. So, the focus should be on proactively collecting those positive reviews from all of your happy customers. This is exactly where Reputation Builder excels. It puts reputation repair for paving companies into a simple, mobile solution that empowers you to collect reviews on the spot, when you’re having a great experience with a customer. You can configure the way you want to collect those positive reviews so that it makes the process easy on your customer. Reputation Builder gives you the opportunity to counter potential bad reviews with a library of happy ones. When a potential customer sees that 12 to 1 (or better) ratio of positive to negative reviews, they can more easily see that the negative reviews came from a customer who was just having a bad day or from a potential troll.

I feel awesome about my experience with ReputationBuilder. It is an easy to use and affordable platform for collecting reviews and managing my online reputation. And, it's very affordable for the many, many features that the platform includes. 

Stephen S. 

3. Overcoming Trolls, Industry Problems and Angry Customers

There are a lot of trolls on the internet who make it their business to wreck other people’s businesses. And for asphalt paving companies, there is the added problem of negative press and reputation generally that springs from the numerous door-to-door scams and court cases with companies that did not keep their promises to their customers. This makes potential clients even more careful about choosing their paving company. Online reviews and testimonials play a huge role in your customers’ decisions.

Again, having a large collection of positive reviews, honestly collected through the Reputation Builder system, can help. But it goes a step further still. Our Reputation defender services for asphalt paving businesses help you capture feedback from customers before it goes online, thereby giving you a chance to remedy problems with unhappy customers before their unhappiness leaks out onto the internet. This is called the “Feedback First” feature in Reputation Builder, and it can help you stop bad reviews before they ever get going, while also helping you improve customer service and build better relationships with them that can lead to positive word-of-mouth as well.

As for trolls who post bad reviews just for the fun of it, it’s best to ignore those or report them. If you have a large collection of happy reviews, it’s possible people will be able to tell they’re trolls in the first place. In either case, stay calm and

4. Asphalt Paving Companies: Collect Online Reviews or Lose Business

Let’s talk for a moment about asphalt paving companies that have no online footprint at all. No positive reviews, no negative reviews. How do potential clients view this situation? First of all, seeing how important online reviews are to potential customers, a complete lack of reviews is almost like having just negative reviews, or it could tell the potential customer that you haven’t been around long enough to have any kind of reputation at all. This is not what they’re looking for either.

So, taking a proactive approach to reputation management for asphalt paving companies is essential for visibility reasons as well! You may have been operating for several years, but if you have no online footprint, no website and no online customer reviews, potential clients have nothing to go on. Google won’t be able to pull your website up during a customer’s online search for asphalt paving companies. It’s as if you company is invisible. And that’s not what you’re looking for.

Using Reputation Builder to build your online cache of happy customer reviews can actually boost your SEO visibility with search engines like Google and others, playing an important role in your online marketing strategy.

5. The “Free Marketing” of Online Reviews for Asphalt Paving Companies

Conversely, if you actively collect online reviews and use the Feedback First function of Reputation Builder, you can quickly boost your online presence and visibility to potential customers. Each positive online review is another mention that Google can index in its search results. And those positive reviews can certainly influence people to give your business a try, rather than your competitor.

Reputation Defender Services for Asphalt Paving Businesses are Crucial

In today’s world, online reviews create a huge impact for every business, and asphalt paving companies experience some unique challenges that make proactive online review collection and “Feedback First” even more urgent. Try Reputation Builder for asphalt paving businesses now and start building up your positive reputation online so that you can counter unhappy reviews and build great customer relationships for years to come.


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