Collect and monitor online reviews over 100 sites

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Reputation Management for Veterinarians

Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Reputation Management 

Pet parents won’t take their fur babies to just any veterinarian or hospital. And 90% of the people in your area who need a vet right now are looking through your online reviews, trying to decide whom to trust with their animal companions. 

Do you have any online reviews? Do you have a bad review? If so, you’ve already lost at least 30 potential patients per each negative review.

You can’t afford to ignore your online reputation, but how do you handle it without making a mess or wasting time?

Reputation Builder is the answer. It’s the veterinarian and animal hospital reputation management system that makes it easy to protect your online reputation and monitor online reviews with a few simple taps. 

Collect and monitor online reviews over 100 sites

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Powerful Online Reputation Management for Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals  

It’s hard to take control of your online reputation if you don’t know what’s happening out there; but you have your hands full managing your veterinary practice. 

Fortunately, you can use Reputation Builder to do that hard work for you so that you can continue focusing on providing the best care to all of your patients, which is where your 5-star reputation really comes from.

Reputation Builder just helps you ensure that people looking through your online reviews will get an accurate view of that 5-star reputation and not the skewed idea that one negative review might create. 


Why Online Reviews Are Extremely Important?

  • A single negative online review can cost an average loss of 30 customers.
  • Respondents said that NEGATIVE online information made them change their mind about using a service that was recommended to them!

The Animal Hospital and Veterinarian Online Reputation Management System that Makes it Easy

As a pet health expert, you provide 5-star care for your patients, but the question is whether or not your online reviews really demonstrate this? This is why it’s so hard to go it alone when it comes to managing your online reputation: 

  • Regardless of how hard you work, you will run into an unhappy customer. This one person’s bad review can cause you to lose out on 30 new patients..

  • It takes, at a minimum, 40 other 5-star reviews to override that bad review 

  • But happy customers, even though you have many of them, rarely post their 5-star reviews, and you have a hard time remembering to ask for them.

  • 9 out of 10 people who are in the market for your pet care services are looking at your online reviews, but they may not be getting the real story

This is why you can’t afford to ignore your online reviews. Fortunately, Reputation Builder automates the process of asking for and monitoring online reviews for you so that you can still focus on your patients.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management Software


Get 5 Star Reviews

Gain testimonials to display on your website automatically and encourage positive online reviews on Google, BBB, Facebook and more.


Automate Reviews

Just drop in an email address, upload a list, link to a landing page, use our tablet kiosk mode and automate your feedback process.


Increase Your Revenue

90% of Consumers said positive reviews influence their buying decision.  5 Star reviews means more business and more sales.


Improve Rankings

Online reviews do more than just create a better relationships, they work towards improving your websites ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more.


Higher Keyword Content

Online reviews help your business website to have a steady influx of SEO keywords that help your business have a more prominent online presence.


Consumer Loyalty

Consumers who take the time to leave an online review for a business are far more likely to feel a certain loyalty to your business and keep coming back year after year. 

How Online Reputation Management for Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals Works for You

Reputation Builder automates all of the essentials you need for monitoring and managing your online reputation, which makes it the best online reputation management for veterinarians and animal hospitals like yours: 

  • You don’t have to remember to ask each patient’s parent for a 5-star review because Reputation Builder does that automatically at the point of transaction (via kiosk, email or text).

  • If a patient leaves unhappy feedback at this step, Reputation Builder alerts you immediately so you can do something to improve their experience, thus averting the negative review.

  • You can take your favorite 5-star reviews and turn them into fetching social media posts.

Animal Hospital and Veterinarian Reputation Management Online

Don’t just ignore your online reputation, or it could damage your practice.Reputation Builder makes it so easy to take control of your online reviews so that new pet parents see your 5 stars: Sign up now.

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