Collect and monitor online reviews over 100 sites

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Reputation Management for Doctors

Doctors and Healthcare Reputation Management System

To a patient looking for the right doctor or medical practice, the decision can seem like a life or death situation—so you can bet that 90% of your potential patients are combing carefully through all of your online reviews before deciding to call you, or a different doctor.

Are you aware of what your online reviews say and what sort of impression your potential patients are getting? 

Not paying attention can be a disaster: just one bad review can be so loud that it drowns out all of the good ones, especially if you don’t have a large collection (at least 40) 5-star reviews to counter it.

Reputation Builder is the doctor and medical office reputation management system that can help you track your online reviews automatically and help you take control of your online reputation with a few taps.

* Our system is HIPAA compliant.  We appropriately safeguard PHI (Protected Health Information).

Collect and monitor online reviews over 100 sites

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Easy-to-Use Online Reputation Management for Doctors and Medical Offices 

  • As a doctor, you are far too busy working with patients, getting extra training and trying to provide the best care possible to spend time monitoring your online reviews everyday. 
  • Your time is precious, and even remembering to ask patients to provide a 5-star review on their way out of the office is just too much.
  • Reputation Builder is a tool especially designed for online reputation management for doctors and medical offices.
  • It simplifies and automates this request at the receptionist’s desk so that patients can leave 5 stars before they walk out the door.
  • This will help you collect a large library of 5-star reviews. And if a patient isn’t happy, the “Feedback First” feature will alert you before the patient leaves so that you can make sure to remedy the problem and avert a bad review at the same time.

Doctor ands medical office reputation management kiosk on iPad.

Doctor Online Review Management 

As you well know, it’s not easy being a doctor; but it’s your passion to help people achieve good health and healing.

You work hard to take care of your patients every day. But because medical practice is such a high-stakes profession, and because it’s such an emotional thing for patients, even the best doctors are often subject to bad online reviews or potential malpractice lawsuits that can end up wrecking their reputations.

Whenever something like this happens, even with one negative review from an unhappy patient, the medical office in question may see a full one-third decline in scheduled appointments.

That is why using an effective doctor online review management system has become so critical. Knowing how to track online reviews and address them can determine how successful your practice is for years to come. 

If you currently have a reputation crisis situation in your medical office, it is imperative to make the right choices and take the right steps to restore that reputation.

Naturally, addressing any quality care issues is first on the list, but knowing how to handle bad reviews the right way is just as critical.

Why Online Reviews Are Extremely Important?

  • A single negative online review can cost an average loss of 30 customers.
  • Respondents said that NEGATIVE online information made them change their mind about using a service that was recommended to them!

How Doctor and Medical Office Reputation Management Automation Helps 

Even if you really do provide the best care in town, one angry patient can skew your reputation. These statistics show you how that works:  

  • Up to 30 potential patients will decide to try a different doctor if they see one bad review from you. 
  • That one bad review can only be deactivated by about 40 more 5-star reviews.
  • Unfortunately, an angry patient is far more likely to post a bad review than your happy patients are to take time to post a 5-star review. It sounds unfair and it is. 
  • Since 90% of potential patients will read your online reviews, it’s critical to make sure your online reputation reflects the excellence of your care.

Your reputation rests upon the quality of care you provide your patients, but it also rests upon what other people say about your care, justly or not. Reputation Builder can remove this headache for you. It automatically monitors your online reviews, proactively collects 5-star reviews from your regular patients and stops negative reviews before they leave your office.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management Software


Get 5 Star Reviews

Gain testimonials to display on your website automatically and encourage positive online reviews on Google, BBB, Facebook and more.


Automate Reviews

Just drop in an email address, upload a list, link to a landing page, use our tablet kiosk mode and automate your feedback process.


Increase Your Revenue

90% of Consumers said positive reviews influence their buying decision.  5 Star reviews means more business and more sales.


Improve Rankings

Online reviews do more than just create a better relationships, they work towards improving your websites ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more.


Higher Keyword Content

Online reviews help your business website to have a steady influx of SEO keywords that help your business have a more prominent online presence.


Consumer Loyalty

Consumers who take the time to leave an online review for a business are far more likely to feel a certain loyalty to your business and keep coming back year after year. 

Customized Doctor Online Reputation Management 

It’s important to understand that every doctor’s office needs three things for an effective reputation management strategy.

The first and second of those things are asking patients for 5-star reviews.

The point is that there are two ways to do this: in person, while the patient is still in the office, and/or by an automated message, either by text, email or in-office kiosk. 

One of the biggest problems with the first way is that medical office staff are often too busy to remember to ask every single patient to post a review. So, a lot of potential 5-star reviews walk out the door without ever seeing the light of day. 

Reputation Builder, however, can take care of the second way of asking for online reviews. 

Using Reputation Builder’s easily customizable, fully-automated system of asking for feedback right in the office means that your staff can devote their full attention to your patients’ needs while Reputation Builder takes care of sending the automated request for a 5-star review.

Because this happens while the patient is still in the office, you have a unique opportunity to find out how exemplary your service was in the moment. 

If your patient is still having trouble at that moment, you can immediately try to address the issue and help them have a better experience, which can lead to more positive online reviews. 

This is really the often-overlooked, yet completely-essential part of doctor online reputation management, and Reputation Builder makes it so much easier than trying to remember to ask while taking care of critical patient care issues. 

How It Works?

We know you are busy and do not have much time...

*Don't Worry! You just add your patients into the system and the rest is all AUTOMATIC!

  • Reputation Builder Simplifies Reputation Management for Doctors and Medical Offices
  • As a doctor, you want your online reputation to mirror the excellent medical care that you give to your patients every day.
  • The easiest, most affordable and most effective way to do that is to use Reputation Builder in your medical office. It’s easy to use for everyone in the office, and simplifies the following urgent reputation management tasks:
  • Requesting a 5-star review from each patient before they leave your practice.
  • Flagging negative feedback at the point of payment, while the patient is still in the office, giving you a chance to improve their experience and avert the bad review entirely.
  • Providing quick and easy tools that take your 5-star reviews and turn them into beautiful social media posts.

Physician Online Reputation Management 

The third part of the online physician reputation management equation is constant and consistent online review monitoring. 

This is usually much harder for medical offices to do on their own, simply because the business of providing excellent patient care is all-consuming and there isn’t much time left over to cull all of the social media and online review sites. 

Fortunately, Reputation Builder’s physician online reputation management system takes care of this automatically. It keeps its antennae out and will alert you if there are any bad reviews to handle so that you can deal with them promptly and correctly. 

It also lets you know whenever there are positive reviews to say thank you for! The basic fact is that you cannot ignore your online reviews without suffering the consequences. 

Let Reputation Builder do the heavy lifting for you here so that you can continue to focus on the most important part of your day: taking excellent care of all of your patients. 

The Most Effective Medical Office and Doctor Reputation Management System

While you continue providing the best care for your patients, let Reputation Builder worry about tracking your online reviews and stopping bad reviews in their tracks. Sign up now.

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