Collect and monitor online reviews over 100 sites

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Reputation Management System for Electricians

Electrician Reputation Management 

When businesses or homeowners owners need an electrician, they aren’t looking for 3-star work. Your potential clients are looking for the best.

That means at least 90% of them are already looking through the online reviews previous customers have written.

Do you know what these reviews are saying about your company?

Do the reviews paint an accurate picture of the excellent service and quality your company provides?

Even one bad review can prevent 30 potential customers from working with you, so it’s an expensive oversight if you aren’t paying attention.

Fortunately, Reputation Builder’s electrician reputation management system can make monitoring online reviews easy, while providing tools you need to protect your reputation. 

Collect and monitor online reviews over 100 sites

>> With lowest possible price for only $79/mo. and easiest system...

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Easy-to-Use Online Reputation Management for Electricians  

You can’t afford to wing it where your online reputation is concerned. And yet, you are far too busy doing what you do best to keep tabs on social media and online review sites.

So, if you’re not sure where to start with online reputation management for electricians, it’s understandable.

The good news is that Reputation Builder gives you automated tools that make it very easy to take control of your online reputation and protect yourself against negative reviews by stopping them before they go online.

It also helps you build a large library of 5-star customer reviews that can help you with free social media marketing material. 

*Your logo and your image will be shown on the Review Kiosk

Why Online Reviews Are Extremely Important?

  • A single negative online review can cost an average loss of 30 customers.
  • Respondents said that NEGATIVE online information made them change their mind about using a service that was recommended to them!

Benefits of Online Reputation Management Software


Get 5 Star Reviews

Gain testimonials to display on your website automatically and encourage positive online reviews on Google, BBB, Facebook and more.


Automate Reviews

Just drop in an email address, upload a list, link to a landing page, use our tablet kiosk mode and automate your feedback process.


Increase Your Revenue

90% of Consumers said positive reviews influence their buying decision.  5 Star reviews means more business and more sales.


Improve Rankings

Online reviews do more than just create a better relationships, they work towards improving your websites ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more.


Higher Keyword Content

Online reviews help your business website to have a steady influx of SEO keywords that help your business have a more prominent online presence.


Consumer Loyalty

Consumers who take the time to leave an online review for a business are far more likely to feel a certain loyalty to your business and keep coming back year after year. 

How Electrician Online Reputation Management Automation Helps 

You work so hard to provide your customers with the best services, but not everybody is perfect; and some people are just set on damaging reputations for fun. Just one bad review can do a lot of damage. Here are the unsettling statistics: 

  • At least 30 potential customers can be turned away by just one bad review.

  • You need at least 40 extra 5-star reviews to negate the reputation problems caused by one negative review.

  • The unfortunate thing is that unhappy customers are far more eager to post bad reviews than your multitude of happy customers are to post 5-star reviews. That’s why actively collecting 5-star reviews is so crucial.

  • As previously mentioned at least 90% of potential customers are already reading your online reviews right now, and most of them will base their decisions on what they read online. 

An effective electrician online reputation management system is absolutely necessary to ensure that your real reputation as an excellent business is truly reflected online so that potential customers get the real story about your business. 

How Reputation Management System Works

Step-1. ReputationBuilder Sends Feedback Request

  • Select review sites (see details) . We recommend you choose 2-3 online review sites that matter most to your business to include in your request. 
  • Add your customer's name and email into (1) the dashboard or (2) use Kiosk mode in-person or on-site
  • System will send a customized email to get feedback from your customer. 
  • Our system is mobile friendly.  You and your customer can use it on tablets and smartphones. 
  • Simple, fast and easy.
Reputation Builder -Add Customer Screen

Step-2. Your Customers Give Feedback

The customer is asked to rate how likely they are to refer your business to a friend and to comment on their experience.

Customers that rate you highly (you set the rating criteria) will then be asked to consider reviewing your business on one of the important review sites you have selected for your account.

Customers that rate you low will not be asked to post online reviews.  Poor customer experiences are captured privately so you can follow-up with the customer to resolve their issue.

Reputation Builder - Feedback Page

Step-3. Testimonials Added To Your Website

Customer testimonials will be displayed on your website automatically.  

You can select which testimonials you like to display on your website.

All testimonials on your web site will be marked up with SEO friendly Schema code.

Our platform allows for manual control of the testimonials or you can automatically set for feedback above a specific rating score (example: 8 or above) to display on your widget and website.

Reputation Builder - Testimonials Page

Step-4. You Get Positive Online Reviews

Customers that rate you at or above your selected “positive rating” will be then asked to rate you on one of the 3rd party review sites you have selected.

This step offers direct links to your Google+ Local page, BING, Facebook page and dozens of other business profile pages and review sites so they can easily review your business.

Generating a steady and consistent stream of online customer reviews is important for your online reputation and ranking on Google and other search engines.

* Positive Reviews Encouraged: Our customer segmentation sends only happy customers to your selected review sites to leave a positive review.

Over 100 Review Sites: We have integrated with over 100 review sites like Google, BING, Facebook, Trip Advisor and industry review sites.

Improve Your Reviews & Visibility: Long-term, consistent use of our platform will gain you testimonials, online reviews and better SEO visibility.


Review Monitoring & Reporting

You can easily manage your online reviews with our easy to use, mobile friendly system.

Your business benefits from multiple levels of feedback, encouragement of positive online reviews and an easy to manage dashboard whether you run just 1 or 1,000 locations.

Stop guessing and hoping for satisfied customers and ensure you are meeting their needs and growing the sharing of their experience with your business.


Kiosk & In-Person Mode

In addition to the automated system, you can also use Reputation Builder's "Kiosk Mode".

RB allows you to request feedback from your customer on-site.

This is ideal for restaurants, medical offices, veterinarians, contractors, handyman and any other business that works and interacts with their customer in person.

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Automated Online Reputation Management for Electricians

Reputation Builder simplifies online reputation management for electricians, making reputation defense easy for everyone in your organization.Reputation Builder...

  • Automatically asks each of your customers for a 5-star review while you are still with them..

  • Captures negative feedback before you leave the transaction, giving you a chance to make things better for them before the bad review ever goes online! 

  • Provides you quick tools to turn 5-star online reviews into impressive social media

Electrician Reputation Management

Reputation Builder helps you make sure that your online reputation is just as excellent as your service is. It’s easy to use, easy to implement and very affordable. Sign up now

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