Collect and monitor online reviews over 100 sites

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Reputation Management for Realtors

Reputation Management Software for Real estate Agents

For real estate agents, reputation is everything. Whether you’re helping someone buy or sell a home, this huge investment carries both emotional and financial weight that can last for years. 

And people are already looking through your online reviews. When was the last time you checked what people are saying about you?

Not knowing, and not acting on what you know can be a huge, expensive problem.

Fortunately, Reputation Builder is the top real estate agent reputation management system that gives you more control over your online reputation so it reflects your 5-star services.

Real estate agents can monitor their reviews at Google, Yelp, Facebook etc. and also real estate review sites like, Zillow, Realself, Angies List, Home Advisor, and more...

Collect and monitor online reviews over 100 sites

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Intuitive Online Reputation Management for Real Estate Agents  

In order to manage your online reputation, you need to monitor your online reviews, but you probably don’t have time. 

Keep in mind, though, that nearly all of your potential clients are monitoring your online reviews and will choose their real estate agent based on what they see there.

The good news is that Reputation Builder provides effective, straightforward online reputation management for real estate agents with tools to tap and monitor your online reviews, respond positively to negative reviews, and collect 5-star reviews that can make any bad reviews far less impactful.


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Why Online Reviews Are Extremely Important?

  • A single negative online review can cost an average loss of 30 customers.
  • Respondents said that NEGATIVE online information made them change their mind about using a service that was recommended to them!

This Real Estate Agent Online Reputation Management System is a Necessity

You’re an expert at helping homebuyers and home sellers get through some of the biggest decisions of their lives, and you do 5-star work. But does your online reputation really show that to new potential clients? Here’s why your online reputation might not look like reality:  

  • Home buying and selling is an emotional and expensive process, and just one unhappy client’s bad review could direct 30 potential clients away from your services.
  • You will need at least 40 separate 5-star reviews to cancel the difficulties caused by that one negative review. 
  • Happy clients are far less likely to post 5-star reviews than angry clients are to post negative reviews. So you need an Online Reputation Management system that helps you ask for positive reviews automastically and proactively.
  • All of your potential clients are looking at your online reviews, and they will factor those online reviews into their choice of real estate agent. 

Make sure that your excellence shines in those reviews with our easy-to-use, comprehensive online reputation management for real estate agents. Reputation Builder can get over those hurdles for you!

Benefits of Online Reputation Management Software


Get 5 Star Reviews

Gain testimonials to display on your website automatically and encourage positive online reviews on Google, BBB, Facebook and more.


Automate Reviews

Just drop in an email address, upload a list, link to a landing page, use our tablet kiosk mode and automate your feedback process.


Increase Your Revenue

90% of Consumers said positive reviews influence their buying decision.  5 Star reviews means more business and more sales.


Improve Rankings

Online reviews do more than just create a better relationships, they work towards improving your websites ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more.


Higher Keyword Content

Online reviews help your business website to have a steady influx of SEO keywords that help your business have a more prominent online presence.


Consumer Loyalty

Consumers who take the time to leave an online review for a business are far more likely to feel a certain loyalty to your business and keep coming back year after year. 

Online Reputation Management for Real Estate Agents is a Cinch with Reputation Builder

Let Reputation Builder take on these issues while you focus on your clients and their needs. It’s so easy to use that you can be up and running with a handle on your online reputation in a short amount of time, and with no hassle. Here’s how our online reputation management for real estate agents works: 

  • It automatically asks each client to leave you a 5-star review while you are still with them (via text, email or kiosk; whatever is easiest for your client).

  • It informs you right away if a client leaves less than happy feedback, which gives you the chance to make things right for them before the transaction is finished, which can prevent a bad review from going online in the first place.

  • Reputation Builder has tools that make it so easy to turn a 5-star review into gorgeous social media marketing posts.

Reputation Management for Real Estate Agents: 3 Critical Tips

Reputation is an essential asset for real estate agents. The field is extremely competitive, so a good reputation can push homebuyers towards one real estate agent and away from another, simply based on word-of-mouth from a friend or family member. But increasingly, homebuyers and sellers are placing a lot of weight on the electronic word-of-mouth of online reviews. In fact, recent surveys say at least a third of people choose real estate agents based on online reviews alone—and that number continues to grow.

Why is reputation management for real estate agents such an important piece your marketing now? Imagine getting just one bad review on Zillow or No matter how hard you work, there are just some clients you can’t please, and those unhappy people are more likely to post negative reviews than happy clients are to post happy reviews. What does that one bad review cost you?

Considering that 88 percent of people make these major decisions based on online reviews as much as the words of their best friends, statistics indicate you could lose up to 30 new clients—based on that one bad review alone.

And it’s not just online reviews. Your entire online presence, from home listings, your website, social media and blog posts, etc. convey an impression to potential clients that can influence whether or not they trust you to work on one of the biggest life steps they’re ever going to take—buying or selling a home.

This gets at the crux of why reputation management for real estate agents is so crucial, and why, if you’re a real estate agent, it’s important to follow these tips so that you can sell more homes and help more clients through this big decision in their lives!

1. Create Your Online Brand

You’ll want to have an active presence on all of the pertinent web-based real estate channels, particularly ones that work in your local area.

Comment and post regularly to establish yourself as an area expert.

Make sure you have unique, beautifully-designed, responsive website that works no matter what device a potential client is using in their house hunt.

Update that frequently with regular blog posts about the real estate market in your area.

If you are too busy helping people find their ideal home or sell one so they can move on, enlist a website design expert to help you develop your online presence.

Great platform for gaining reviews on important platforms on a regular basis. All you need to to is enter your customer info and ReputationBuilder does the rest. 

2. Enter the Social Media Fray

Important note: Facebook and Twitter are good spaces to be active in, but for real estate agents who deal in the highly-visual details, Instagram is the place to go. You can post both static photos and short videos that can set off a home’s charm in a way that is immediately visible and sharable. Use Facebook to bolster your Instagram posts and promote your Instagram and Facebook posts through Twitter. And don’t forget your LinkedIn activity! You need to post regularly and also respond to and interact with your followers too—that’s why it’s called social media! If all of this seems like a confusing headache, it pays to have a social media expert run this aspect of your marketing plan. It’s an essential tool in reputation management for real estate agents, so don’t ignore it.

3. Use a Reputation Management System Like Reputation Builder

In addition to being out there with all aspects of your online presence, you have to manage your reputation very carefully with a system that helps you beat negative reviews to the punch while optimizing the collection of great reviews. If you have 50 super happy clients who say nothing, but one or two who are having a bad day and decide to post scathing reviews, what do you think potential clients will think? This skewed version of reality is not something you want to deal with. 

Reputation Builder, for example, makes collecting 5-star reviews from your happy customers a breeze. It also helps you, in many cases, capture bad reviews and deal with them on the client side before the review goes live. This gives you yet another chance to turn someone having a bad day into a raving fan client who sings your praises instead.

Reputation management for real estate agents doesn’t have to keep up at night with the cold sweats. Enlist an expert in all things online marketing and sign up today for Reputation Builder and start collecting the 5-star reviews you need to make your reputation pull in new clients every day! 

Real Estate Agents Reputation Management Online

Your reputation is far too important to leave to chance. Let Reputation Builder monitor and manage your online reviews and keep your 5-star services shining bright: Sign up now.

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