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20 Ways Reputation Builder Can Grow Your Business

If you’re just starting a business, or you’re passionately trying to build your small business into a bigger one, you might feel like you have to sacrifice some marketing dollars just to keep up with other business demands. And yet, without a smart marketing strategy, hundreds—possibly thousands of potentially loyal customers may never even know about your business!

Fortunately, Reputation Builder can give you more control over your business’ destiny, more marketing power and more loyal customers with a simple, inexpensive solution that can get your current customers to do some of your marketing legwork for you!

These are just the first 20 reasons to get ramped up with Reputation Builder today:

1. You can actually afford Reputation Builder, even on a tight budget

You’ve probably heard about other big reputation management packages being marketed to bigger companies with more robust budgets and felt a little out of the loop. Reputation Builder is a compact, easy-to-use system that doesn’t break the bank and is specifically designed to support smaller businesses as they grow into bigger ones. It’s a smart, manageable investment that directly targets one of the most powerful marketing resources you already have: your customers.

2. Reputation Builder is easy to use

Big, expensive, complicated reputation management suites usually have a big learning curve. Reputation Builder, on the other hand, is very simple for everyone to use and has 4 flavors, depending on what your needs are at the time. This is literally all you have to do:

  • Add customers’ names and email addresses into your Reputation Builder Dashboard and it automatically takes care of requesting and collecting reviews. Or…
  • If you are in person with client, show them your Feedback Page in Kiosk Mode (see sample page here) and get their feedback right then and there. Or…
  • Import all of your customers from an Excel or CSV file and RB will send them feedback and review requests and reminders and thank you letters automatically. Or…
  • You can also direct customers to your Feedback page via our short landing-page URL to get their feedback and reviews.

3. Reputation Builder helps you collect those hard-to-come-by positive reviews

Happy customers are less likely than angry customers to post a review—which just isn’t fair, especially when you know that it takes 12 happy reviews to counter the negative effects of just one bad review. Reputation Builder boosts happy customer reviews by a significant percentage so that you can easily build an impressive collection of positive reviews before any of your customers comes in having a bad day.

4. Reputation Builder helps you handle negative reviews before they go live

An angry customer is twice as likely to post something negative than a happy customer is to post something positive. When that day comes to your business, Reputation Builder’s Feedback First system filters the negative review through your customer service channels first. This gives you a chance to make it right with your customer and gain valuable insight from the experience before other potential customers find out about it.

5. Feedback First for the win!

This exclusive Reputation First system gives you a way to encourage people to post great online reviews while also giving you positive text for testimonials and feedback that you can post in all of your other social media channels and online properties.

The customer is asked to rate how likely they are to refer your business to a friend and to comment on their experience.

Customers that rate you highly (you set the rating criteria) will then be asked to consider reviewing your business on one of the important review sites you have selected for your account.

Customers that rate you low will not be asked to post online reviews. Poor customer experiences are captured privately so you can follow-up with the customer to resolve their issue.

See a sample of initial feedback page below.


6. The Testimonials Widget

You control which pieces of awesome feedback are highlighted on your testimonials page and social media outlets; you can choose the best ones to share with the world! (see sample below)


7. Reputation Builder boosts your SEO dollars!

SEO (search engine optimization) is a real headache for a lot of small businesses, but it’s absolutely essential since 90 percent of consumers go to Google first before deciding where to spend their hard-earned dollars. If your business doesn’t a.) Show up early on the search results page or b.) Shows up with bad reviews, you could lose potential customers. But Reputation Builder uses a special SEO Friendly Schema Code that helps your business rise in search ratings and display that coveted 5-star ranking as well.

5 Star ratings will show on Google search results.  see sample below.


SEO friendly schema code will automatically be added to your web site.  
No coding required. (see sample below)


8. Save precious time! Reputation Builder does it so you don’t have to!

Reputation Builder automatically sends review requests and reminders if your client hasn’t sent feedback yet. When the review comes in, your customer automatically receives a thank you response on your behalf. If the feedback is negative, you can send a follow up email and start the resolution process; everything in Reputation Builder is automated with your company name, logo and contact information!

9. Tablet & Kiosk Mode: Immediate Feedback with a Smile

In fact, why wait until your customers check their email to gather feedback? Reputation Builder’s Tablet and Kiosk mode options enable you to capture customer feedback at checkout, while you’re still there smiling at your customer. All you need is a tablet device and to create a great experience! Reputation Builder then sends a follow-up email with online review links too.  

See sample tablet-kiosk mode below. It works on any kind of tablet, laptop, etc.


10. IP Number and Privacy Protection

Yes, Reputation Builder takes this into account too. Yelp!, Google+, Angie’s List and other review sites block reviews coming from the same IP address. This is why Reputation Builder’s Kiosk Mode does not ask customer to log in to leave in-store feedback—the follow up email empowers the customer to leave unique reviews on your social media and review sites instead. This unique feature is only available in Reputation Builder and empowers your customers and your marketing even more!

11. Security for your customers

The Kiosk mode that you use right in the store does not require customers to log in; they only enter their feedback and then Reputation Builder sends them the review email. Customers don’t have to worry about accidentally having logged in somewhere with any of their private information. And that in-store feedback really gives you a powerful way to connect with and respond to your customers’ needs, right away! So when they get that follow-up review email with links to all of the review sites, they are far more likely to be energized to record a positive review!

12. Build your email list

The Kiosk mode only collects your customers’ emails and feedback—but wait! Email addresses! Yes, you can see where this leads – you’re collecting willing customers’ email addresses that you can continue relationship-building with them, sending them special offers and developing targeted marketing campaigns tailored to their unique needs! Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools today!

13. Reputation Builder is mobile

Yes, your customers don’t have to wait until they get home to switch on the old desktop. They can leave feedback and reviews immediately – from their phones or tablets.


14. Reputation Builder connects to over 100+ review sites

That’s a lot of feedback! It connects and collects reviews from your customers to more than 100 review sites including Google, Angie’s List, BING, BBB, HomeAdvisor, Superpages, etc. (see the list here)

More review sites are coming soon!


15. Reputation Builder is scalable—it fits your business now, and as it grows

Whether you have just one location, three locations or 10,000 locations, Reputation Builder is ready for action at all of your shops!

16. Valuable tools for customer service improvement

You can’t improve your products, your service, your marketing, etc. unless you have data. Reputation Builder benchmarks your Net Promoter Score (NPS) over time so that you can see specific areas where you can improve your customer service and make your scores even better.

Reputation Builder performance and NPS report page - sample.


17. Respond right away with Reputation Builder

Whether it’s a good review or a bad review, Reputation Builder monitors reviews being posted for your business on Google, BING, Facebook, CitySearch, etc. When a new review is posted, you can go take a look and respond right away—either with an enthusiastic “Thank you!” or with a prompt, friendly resolution to a customer’s problem. Either way, you win at customer service, hands down!

18. Data that makes sense and empowers you

Of course Reputation Builder is collecting valuable NPS data about your customers all along the way. Our reporting tools break that data down into useful insight that you can put to work right way to make your business better, stronger and continue building great relationships with lasting customers while bringing new clients in as well.

Reputation Builder performance and NPS report page - sample.


19. Head negative reviews off at the pass

If someone posts a negative review about your business anywhere out there, Reputation Builder lets you know right away! That gives you a golden opportunity to resolve the problem to your customer’s needs and turns them and everyone watching into a fan of your awesome customer service! Studies have shown that customers who were initially unhappy, but had a positive resolution to their problem became more loyal customers than ones who were simply happy to begin with!

20. Reputation Builder Integrates with CRM Systems and Quickbooks online

We offer a super simple technique that allows us to integrate with almost every modern email marketing or CRM solution to initiate our reputation development process. If your mail or CRM platform supports personalization through a merge function you can effectively send each individual that you email their own personal URL to leave your location feedback and starts the whole process.

Quickbooks Online users can send a customer feedback request email. Adding a customer to Reputation Builder and sending out a feedback request is automatic making the use of our feedback platform even easier.

Don’t wait to start collecting these valuable customer reviews and feedback data—they can help you grow your business faster and more cost effectively! Sign up for Reputation Builder today.


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