Why are Angry Customers More Likely to Post a Bad Review?


So there you are, working hard at your business, trying your best to put out a great product and serve your customers with a smile. Then, BAM! You get a nastygram on Yelp! Or one customer who was having a bad day when your ovens broke down had an even worse one and then spouted it to all of their friends on social media. Even though 99% of the time, you’re making folks happy, these bad reviews hurt—badly! In fact, here’s just how bad they can hurt your business:

  • 88 percent of people trust online reviews as much as they trust their best friends’ recommendations.
  • 80 percent of people choose to go elsewhere if they read bad reviews of your business online.
  • Customers who have a bad experience are twice to three times more likely to write an angry review than customers who had a great experience are to post a happy review.
  • One negative review online (when not countered by positive reviews) can cost up to 30 new customers.
  • It takes 12 positive reviews to cancel out the nasty side effects of just one negative review.

“Oh, it’s just not fair!” You cry out! And that’s true. It’s not fair, but it is deeply psychological in nature, this tendency of people to focus more heavily on the negative than the positive.

Researchers note that humans spend a lot more energy analyzing and picking apart bad experiences from an evolutionary/survival standpoint. In order to survive, our ancestors had to constantly be on the lookout for threats to their existence. Finding that great berry bush was awesome, but dang if there wasn’t a saber-toothed tiger lurking around the tree a few yards away!

In modern terms, we get far more upset about losing $100 (and analyze how we could have avoided it so we know how to avoid that misfortune in the future) than the pleasant experience of saving $100. The loss, in our minds, ends up being more newsworthy than the gain. Messed up, but somewhat biological.

So it’s an unpleasant fact of human nature, but your business can—and must—overcome it. Reputation Builder is exactly the tool that can make that happen.

Reputation Builder Helps You Overcome Human Nature (and Boost Sales)

Reputation Builder is an easy-to-use system that proactively helps you accelerate your collection of those hard-to-collect positive reviews in several ways, both in the store and online. By helping you build an impressive library of positive reviews from your happy customers (who are no doubt in the majority), you can better counter those negative reviews (which are no doubt in the minority, but are nevertheless louder than the positive reviews—because of saber-toothed tigers).

Reputation Builder Turns Frowns Upside Down

But there’s even more: Reputation Builder can help you proactively deal with negative reviews and unhappy customers before their rage hits the public. It will alert you to negative feedback right away so that you can find a way to resolve that customer’s problem in a way they find pleasing. And then guess what?

Customers who were initially angry, but whose problem you resolved to their benefit are actually more likely to become very loyal, positive-review-posting customers who trust your business to do right by them in the future (and will then also tell their friends about you).

Overcome the frailties of human nature today; try Reputation Builder, the best reputation management system today!


  • Automate your review collection process
  • Reduce bad reviews.
  • Win more clients