5 Key Reasons Why Your Business Needs Google Reviews


Google captures the vast majority of all search engine queries every day!

Why Google Reviews Are Important?

The behemoth search engine Google captures the vast majority of all search engine queries every day. It’s the most competitive space in which to get noticed, and you can’t afford not to pay attention to those Google search queries that could lead more customers to your business. But after you’ve worked with organic SEO, maybe done a PPC campaign and kept your website fresh, there’s one extremely important aspect of climbing the ladder of Google search results you may not have thought about as seriously as you need to: Google Reviews. Your business needs to actively collect Google Reviews for the following 5 reasons:

1. Customers Trust Other Customers’ Google Reviews

If you’re interested in attracting new customers, understand that 9 out of 10 people have become accustomed to reading online reviews before making a purchasing decision. 8 out of 10 people heavily rely on those online reviews. Because Google is the biggest search engine player and indexer of online reviews through Google Reviews, you need to concentrate your efforts on actively gathering Google Reviews from happy customers.

“But why don’t my customers just write the reviews without me asking?” you ask.

For some complicated psychological reasons, happy customers are less likely to post a review than angry customers are. This is frustrating for many businesses because it doesn’t provide potential customers with an accurate picture of just how delightful your business really is. Someone having a bad day can take all the fun out of it, just because. One rare slip-up and whammo! Bad review. And the costs of just one negative review can really hurt the bottom line, simply because potential customers put so much weight on what online reviewers say! Fortunately, Reputation Builder makes it easy to request Google Reviews from customers every day, during every transaction, right when you’re in the middle of delighting your customers.

2. Collecting Google Reviews Boosts Your Search Rankings

Google gives more weight in its search algorithm to businesses that have gone to the trouble of collecting a library of online reviews, particularly its own Google Reviews. Google is always tweaking its search algorithms to make them more useful, accurate and targeted for users of the search engine. Although these algorithms are hard for everyone else to figure out, there are trends we can observe. One of the most obvious ones is how heavily Google relies on customer reviews when formulating a list of search engine results. In other words, collecting Google Reviews needs to be right up there with all of your other marketing efforts like SEO. A large library of Google Reviews gives Google more information to use when ranking you, which can lead to more customers finding your business!

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Stephen S. 

3. Let Your Customers be Part of Your Marketing Plan

Why not? If you go out of your way to delight your customers every day, there’s no advertisement, flier, promotion, ad banner, etc. that will carry as much weight is the word of mouth your happy customers can share. Reputation Builder makes it easy for you to ask, and for your customers to text out a quick, happy review that says, “Hey everyone! This place is awesome! Best service ever!”

4. Many Good Online Reviews Can Silence Bad Reviews

Bad reviews happen, even to the most hard-working, delightful businesses. The key is knowing how to handle bad reviews and to be prepared with a full library of reviews that show the real picture. People can generally tell someone was having a bad day when they visited your shop and they won’t give the bad review as much weight if you have a whole bunch of happy reviews to drown out the noise of the bad review. In fact, here are the numbers you need to know:

Reputation Builder makes it wonderfully simple for you to collect Google Reviews in a wide variety of ways that make it easy for both you and your happy customers. Sign up for this amazing online marketing and customer service tool today by following this link:. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and get you collecting that all-important library of happy reviews today!
  • 1 bad review can cause a loss of 30 potential customers
  • It takes about 12 good reviews to cancel out 1 bad review.

5. Reputation Builder’s “Feedback First” Can Turn a Bad Review into a Good One

If you are asking for feedback during each customer transaction, and you use Reputation Builder to do it, you have a marvelous gate-keeping system that prevents bad reviews from leaking out to the internet before you’ve had a chance to deal with an unhappy customer proactively. If, at the point of sale, you find out a customer was unhappy, you can immediately do something to solve their problems! When this happens, you can turn a grumpy customer into a raving fan who will be happy to share just how far you went to make their day better. Those Google Reviews are absolutely priceless because they tell a story that potential customers want to know about—a story where your own customer casts you as the hero of the story!


  • Automate your review collection process
  • Reduce bad reviews.
  • Win more clients