Reputation Management – Reviews Conversion Pup-up for Websites

Convert Your Website Visitors to Customers

Designed for both desktop and mobile web experiences you can start marketing your reputation the moment customers arrive on your website. The small pop-up window rotates through your last 30 reviews on the pages of your choice (or your entire website), positioning positive ratings front and center – where they should be.

Bringing social proof from your past customers to the pages of your website is a great way to drive more visitors to take action on your site.

Create Your Pop-up And Add It To Your Website

Hopefully you noticed the new option in our main navigation labeled “Publish”. The Conversion Pop-up settings and embed code are located under this tab along with the Review Widget management. (see screenshot below)


Now that you are on the settings page, here are the initial settings you can control.

  • Display on specific pages, sections ( or entire site.
  • The Conversion Pop-up is clickable, so you can set the URL it will link to
  • Choose to display 3rd-party reviews (on/off setting) and what rating to show
  • Choose to display 1st-party reviews (on/off setting) and what rating to show
  • On/off setting for showing on mobile and at what location (top or bottom of screen)

Once you have your initial settings (you can always change them) you are ready to grab your embed code and add the Conversion Pop-up to your website.  When you click the “embed code” button you will be given the code to add to your site.


Copy the code and place it in your website code. You will want to embed it in a site wide element like your header or footer so our settings can control where it will appear. If you are a WordPress website you will want to add it to the header.php or footer.php files.

When installed correctly you can then make setting changes on the fly from your account and not have to touch the code on your website again. Changing if the pop-up shows on mobile or turning on 3rd-party reviews after the fact all can be controlled from the settings page.  You do not need to change the embed code again.

Conversion And Trust Focused

The Conversion Pop-up is designed to help strengthen the trust of visitors to your website. The Pop-up does not have review schema like our Review Widget or any other SEO or ranking benefits. It is a visual magnet allowing to you to market your happy customers to you next customers.

Set-up your Conversion Pop-up, install it and let us know what you think. As one of our BETA testers shared in their feedback “It transforms the site, adding a lot of credibility instantly.“ and we couldn’t agree more.


  • Automate your review collection process
  • Reduce bad reviews.
  • Win more clients