Repeat Customer Feedback

ReputationBuilder offers the ability to track a customer’s happiness repeatedly – such as after each visit, each service, policy renewals etc.

If your business interacts with the same customers frequently, then don’t miss the opportunity to capture feedback from the same customer over time. Doing so provides you valuable insights, and will assure you that the customer is “continuously” happy with your services.

How To Ask Repeat (Additional) Feedback

You can ask for additional (repeat) feedback from an existing customer in several different ways:

  1. Send another feedback request from the Customer Dashboard or the Customer Profile
  2. Upload the customer again using the CSV or Excel upload capability
  3. Add the customer again using the API (or Zapier, or Webhooks)

Turning “Repeat Customer Feedback” ON or OFF

By default the feature is turned ON with a repeat feedback time setting of 30 days.
The feature can be turned off and the time setting can be changed under “Settings -> Feedback Settings


Pro Tip: Even if the repeat feedback threshold has not been met you can request additional feedback right away by using the “Send Feedback” button in the Customer Profile.

New Customer vs. Existing Customer Threshold

The threshold in days for when a customer is added again to request “repeated feedback” can be set in “Settings -> Feedback Settings” for each business. You can set the number of days from 1 to 255.

The threshold is based on when the customer was “created” – not when the customer left feedback.

The example below shows what happens when a customer list is imported containing a customer older than 30 days and newer than 30 days.


The screenshot below is showing an attempt to add an existing customer manually before the threshold time is up.


Are You Using Reputation Builder?

Reputation Builder can help you collect positive reviews, gather and analyze customer data from those reviews and turn negative reviews into positive experiences for you and the customers you’re building relationships with. Small and new businesses particularly need to gather speed with reviews right away!


  • Automate your review collection process
  • Reduce bad reviews.
  • Win more clients